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Images can be turned into data themselves, such as Cornelia Brinks (2000) study where she treats images from Nazi concentration camps as data by analysing the image and its reception making an argument about iconography. Examples of images being used as method include Douglas Harpers work on photo elicitation in interviews (Harper 2002) or his visual ethnographies (Harper 2012; Pink 2007). In the realm of Social Sciences, the discipline most prone to use visuals as an end product may well be anthropology. There is no shortage of reflexivity koselleck vergangene zukunft rezension allegra the ethnographic films made by Anthropologists (For a zaditor inactive ingredients in allegra overview see Jay Rubys Picturing Culture (2000)). Hastrup (1992:10) argues that film is thin description, that film, as a mechanical unit cannot live up to the qualities of the observer8217;s eye. Others, for example Suhr (2012) and Willerslev (2012) argue that it is precisely the way in which the camera differs from the human eye which allows for a mode of communication which transcends that of the written word. Bill Nichols (2007) identifies 6 distinct modes of representation (expository, poetic, observational, participatory, performative and reflexive). It is only more recently that scholars have begun to take more integrated approaches to the Visual, considering it as deeply enmeshed with sociality, performativity and experience examples include Vedova allegra piacenza Pandians Reel World: An Anthropology of creation (2015) which, by considering Indian film sets, gives us an insight into what it feels like to inhabit the realm of cinema; or Tim Ingolds edited volume Redrawing Anthropology (2011) which explores the connection between anthropological processes and visual material practices. In this thread we have no comprehensive answer to what images are or what they do.

Season 1, Episode 15. November 29, 1994. Awakening late, seeing a cloudy sky, and then knocking a drum over at Reed039;s workshop, Allegra is having a bad day. At Daycare, the day gets worse: she discovers she039;s forgotten her lunch. Season 1, Episode 16.

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