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Beyond Black, by Hilary Mantel A Changed Man, by Francine Prose Empire Rising, by Thomas Kelly Envy, by Kathryn Harrison Europe Central, by William T. Vollmann Follies: New Stories, by Ann Beattie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, by J.

Walter and Clay Pigeon The two birds that Barnaby talks to, and they talk to him, thats why he says, dont call me Buster. Walter is the pigeon and Clay is the female pigeon. Walter and Clay Pigeon are true urban birds, but lets just say theyre not the brightest lights in the skywithout each others help. That means Walter doesnt manage to say complete sentences without Clays help, dr. Alexander Graham Nitwhite is a pelican scientist. In his skits, he announces to Watson that hes discovered the word in the entire English language with a certain letter combination.

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