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Reoxygenated medium was achieved by placing medium overnight in the culture tarantallega (5 CO 2 95 O 2 ) prior to use. [00115] The same test tarantallegrw with same the concentrations were added back into the corresponding wells and the plates placed in the cell culture incubator (5 CO 95 O 2 ) and reoxygenated for 20-24 hours. After reoxygenation for 20-24 hours, the number of live neurons are counted using the cell tracker green fluorescence method described below. [00116] The existing culture medium was apirated from each well of the 12 well plates and the neurons were washed once with 2 ml of HBSS testo canto rallegrati gerusalemme map 7. 4, Invitrogen Corp, Cat. 14170-112) prewarmed to 30-37ÂC. [00117] To each well freee the plate was added 1 ml of 2. 5 ÎM Cell Tracker Green. ((Molecular Probes Cat tarantallegra free download and 5 ÎM Hoechst 33342 fluorescent dyes dissolved in.

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5 mM L-glutamine] was aspirated from the cells in each 12-welI plate using the vacuum pump with a sterile glass pastuer pipette attached. [00110] The plate was washed once with 2 ml of glucose free-BSSo (pH 7.

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