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78; p 0. 0036), mainly due to an increase in major coronary events (COX-2 inhibitors: RR: 1. 76, 95 CI: 1. 31-2. 37; p 0. 0001; diclofenac: RR: 1.

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Sections are counter-stained with hematoxylin. [00183] While a number of embodiments of this invention are described hereinabove, it is apparent that our basic examples may be altered to provide other embodiments which utilize the compounds and methods of this invention.

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Writing in his autobiography about one of these balloon trips, he said: 8216;I do not believe in God, but as I sat there in the damaged capsule, hopelessly vulnerable to the slightest shift in weather or mechanical fault, I could not believe my eyes. 8217; Bill Bryson (born 1951) Bill Bryson is an atheist American writer of travel, language and science books, including Notes from a Small Island, The Mother Tongue and A Short History of Nearly Everything.]