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E' tempo di grazia. Perchè tu sei con me.

If you39;re not familiar with Pole Art, it is the most beautiful of all the pole events. With the emphasis on creative, artistic performances, Pole Art is not about showing off strength or being overtly sexual, instead it39;s about poise, choreography and skill. This year the performances were incredible and the deserving winner was rising pole star Oona Kivela, with former winner Lauren Hilsum in the runner39;s up position. Edourd Doye took the men39;s title.

Se que aqui no es la via para poder denunciar lo que yo vivi, porque de ello ya hace mas de 3 a√os, y por eso, n me atrevo a relatarlo. si quieren un consejo personal, y de verdad se lo digo para que no sufran enga√os y estafas como yo vivi, por favor, no mantengan ningun tipo de contacto, ni personal ni laboral, con esa se√ora.]