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Arrangements by Chicago Jewish Funerals. Interment Shalom. Memorials to American Cancer Society, 820 Davis 400, Evanston 60201.

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The thing is, it isn8217;t true. Flyer wheels have absolute limits in terms of how much you can put on there: once the yarn on your bobbin is rubbing the flyer arms, you definitely can8217;t get more on there, no matter how much you want to. Let8217;s roll back the clock to 5 years ago or so8230; I had a WooLee Winder bobbin full with at least 500 yards and 5 ounces of 3-ply yarn, and there was just no way to get the last bit on there, but it was completely mandatory that this be one skein because I had planned out this whole colour sequence thing in overly elaboraqte detail. I was seriously annoyed; 8220;If I were doing this with a spindle,8221; I said, 8220;it would have been no problem at all to just get the last 30-40 yards crammed on there.]