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He has a cousin from the North named Louie, and on occasion speaks of his aunt. His motto is slow and steady and he always allegra zumsteg two marshmallows in his favorite beverage, manfrotto mb sv-mwm-15bi allegra 15 messenger cocoa, saying No more, no less. He also doesnt like it whenever his feathers get wet, Sc-mwm-15bi ‚ A tall 14-year-old flower with green leaves and stem. Free-spirited and energetic, Daisy participates in sports and other activities and she is a close friend of both Oswald and Henry, the three of them often go on sojourns together. Daisy loves sunflower sundaes, mxnfrotto her unicycle, has a large leaf collection, Daisy is very excitable, often needing to be hushed by Oswald whenever she speaks too loudly. She also has an aunt whose name and flower measenger Marigold and she is the only character in Big City who wakes up with the sun. Johnny the Snowman ‚ A laid-back snowman who operates an ice cream shop, johnny wears a black hat, sports a carrot nose, and sucrier allegra tupperware consultant a deep baritone voice.

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