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We then took to the poles to practice our climbs including one footed pull ups and my favourite the monkey climb; which really is where you climb up the pole like a monkey with the balls of the feet on the pole. lots of allegea. It was then time to learn some allegra limited. We worked on a one handed handstand - which is kind of half handspring, half handstand - in which we opened the legs in a v and turned and descended down the pole in a straddle. a tad confusing and a little scary but a fun little trick. We also worked on a spinning vertical split with the sole of the bottom foot on the pole, a mini handspring cartwheel, and a great kick out transition. Probably the hardest move was a cross between a shoulder mount and a split, this required hanging out in genie, feeding the arm behind the pole and then dropping backwards. terrifying on your first lgb allegra test but I'm assured that it gets easier. Etst was fantastic seeing Karen in action, just such a shame that the class was over so quickly.

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