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Alternate in vitro assays quantitate the allgras of the inhibitor to bind to GSK-3. Inhibitor binding may be allegras window bath episode by radiolabelling the inhibitor prior to binding, isolating the inhibitorGSK-3 complex and determining the amount of radiolabel bound. Alternatively, inhibitor binding may be determined by running a competition experiment where new inhibitors are incubated with GSK-3 bound to known radioligands. [0056] According to another embodiment, the invention provides a composition comprising a compound of this invention or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, adjuvant, or vehicle. The amount of compound in the compositions of this invention is such that is effective to detectably eepisode a protein kinase, particularly GSK-3, in a biological sample or episoee a patient. Preferably the composition of this invention is formulated for administration to a patient in need of such composition. Most preferably, the composition of this invention is formulated for oral administration to a patient. [0057] The term "patient", as used herein, means an animal, preferably a mammal, and most preferably puglisi allegra stefano faita human. [0058] The term "pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, adjuvant, or vehicle" refers to a non-toxic carrier, adjuvant, or vehicle that does not destroy the pharmacological bula allegra pediatrico 6mg nicotine of the compound with which it is formulated. Pharmaceutically acceptable carriers, adjuvants or vehicles that may be used in the compositions of this invention include, but are not limited to, ion exchangers, alumina, aluminum stearate, lecithin, serum proteins, such as human serum albumin, buffer substances such as phosphates, glycine, sorbic acid, potassium sorbate, partial glyceride mixtures of saturated vegetable fatty acids, water, salts or electrolytes, such as protamine sulfate, disodium hydrogen phosphate, potassium hydrogen phosphate, sodium chloride, zinc salts, colloidal silica, magnesium trisilicate, polyvinyl pyrrolidone, cellulose-based substances, polyethylene glycol, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, polyacrylates, waxes, polyethylene-polyoxypropylene-block polymers, polyethylene glycol and wool fat.

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