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Axel (with hands or hands free) 8211; click here. Ballerina 8211; Inverted or upright (inside leg hang variation with outside leg straight and tucked behind pole) Hagi allegra parodie titanic monkey ascent to sit. Brass monkey descent to sit (or to standing on floor) Descent into Ayesha (elbow, forearm, twisted or split) Back hook spin to shoulder mount. Electric leg switch. Eros (Flight allegra versus claritin versus zyrtec Extended gersus to GeminiScorpio plank. Figure Skater (See Axel) Floor sweeper spin. Helix (aka Caramel Swirl) Descent into Jacknife.

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A monoclonal antibody specific for the NH 2 terminus of hA╬ was coated onto the wells of the microtiter plates. Samples, including standards of known hA╬ content, were pipetted into these wells followed by the addition of a rabbit antibody specific for the 1-40 sequence of hA╬. Bound rabbit antibody was then detected by the use of a horseradish peroxidase-labeled anti-rabbit antibody.

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