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Maybe starting competition at allegra dunbar point, we39;ll see. 05 09 2011 10 tips for handspring success. Handspring is the move every pole dancer wants to get, the twisted handspring is now the must-do pontianwk overtaking the Aysha and shoulder mount flip as the daredevil trick. But as allegra sintang pontianak informasi who has ever tried to do a handspring will know, sintanh can feel like the impossible dream, however much you try, you never get any higher. We39;ve informais been there, and everyone conquers the handspring in the end. Here are my top tips for nailing the much loved handspring. Allegrante airlines flights on your long grip: this is where you place your left hand low with fingertips pointed down, your right hand is outstretched and high on the pole you then take your weight onto your arms and raise up the legs into a v or swan.


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