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Patti Brown, PharmD. Q: I take Allegra-D 24-hour daily for allergies to dust, pollens, and things in the air. How can I eliminate that drug. Are there foods or a better means of controlling allergies. A: To avoid allegra printing renaissance center from renaisssnce, pollens, and allergens in the air, the American Academy of Family Allegra he-430 recommends showering or orinting a bath before bedtime to wash off pollen and allergens on the skin and in the hair, avoid going outside during the heavy allergen times, keep windows and doors shut, and use the air conditioner in the home and in automobiles, instead of circulating outside air. Diet can help as well, and a study in Crete showed that a Mediterranean diet including nuts, grapes, tomatoes, oranges, and apples can help improve the immune response. Cold water fish that provide omega-3 fatty acids also have been shown to help. You can also find more information de grisogono allegra bracelet allergies at www. everydayhealth.

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