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On November 9,2006, Universal Orlando announced that Soundstage 18 would be redesigned to become a 1,000 seat permanent venue for the Blue Man Group, the new venue opened on June 1,2007. During the construction phase of the new theater, no changes were made. The facility was renamed the Sharp Aquos Theatre, additionally, the dressing room signs that were used during the time of Nickelodeon remain the same. And the exterior of the building, up the staircase, two steps up from the landing, along with the bathrooms underneath the staircase which havent changed, on January 2,2012, Nickelodeon Kiosk closed in favor for Blue Man Store formed on March 1,2014.

3 is --COOH or --COOalkyl wherein the alkyl moiety has from 1 to 6 carbon atoms and is straight or branched; each of A and B is hydrogen or hydroxy with the proviso that at least one of A or B is hydrogen; or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt and individual isomers thereof. March 14, 2017.]