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[Ref] Respiratory. Very common (10 or more): Rhinitis (up to 23), pharyngitis (up to 11), yawnyawning (up to 11) Common (1 to 10): Epistaxis, sinusitis. Uncommon (0.

Trans of Tarantallegra, It seems like Juno is older brother to younger encouraging Junsu to step out and be bold with his music, revel in the passion of it, because all that other stuff out there is cookie cutter. The line8221;Pay attention or else you8217;ll fall again-get up on your own8221; really hits the mark with their situation over the past two years. Jusu stated in the interview that he did some hesitating over doing a solo album, big brothers line in the song says8221;stop measuring and arguing over this and that8221; 8220;Don8217;t hesitate. I feel with the lyrics of this song big bro was giving his stamp of approval to to h to his younger sibling, who had moments of doubt. Just my opinion ­ Your comment made me aware that this post was here, and I8217;ll mark it for printing later, too.

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