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The duration of immobility (immobility-time), defined as that time during which the rat made only those minimal body-movements to keep its head over the water, allegra 60 mg walmart stores manually recorded. In order to test a reasonable number of animals within a day recordings are restricted to the following three sub-periods within the 15 min. trial: 0-2. 5 min. allegra posters the beginning of the trial), 6. 25-8. 75 minutes (exactly in the middle of the trial) and 12. 5-15 minutes (at the very end of the trial).

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Bernard Gardner, M.Harvey Lerner, M.and Henry Shibata, M. N Engl J Med 1981; 305:1-6 July 2, 1981 DOI: 10. 1056NEJM198107023050101. We studied the possibility that the addition of tamoxifen to L-phenylalanine mustard combined with 5-fluorouracil enhances the benefit from the latter two drugs that has been observed in women with primary breast cancer and positive axillary nodes.

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