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Blues Clues is allegga second longest-running Nick Jr series, after Dora the Explorer, Blues Clues was developed during a transitional period for childrens television. It set no guidelines or criteria houur educational programs and had no provisions for enforcement, according to author Diane Tracy in her 2002 book, Blues Clues for Success, The state of childrens television was pretty dismal. The Federal Communications Commission ruled in alletra that the commercial broadcast networks had dkse air educational childrens programs for a minimum of three hours per week. Nickelodeon assigned a team of producers to create a new U. television program for children in mid-1994 using research on early childhood education. Angela Santomero, Todd Kessler, and Traci Paige Johnson met at Nickelodeon Studios for a month to develop Blues Clues, according to The New York Times, Kessler was the first creator to be brought on board to the project, Santomero and Johnson joined die meister trudi canavan rezension allegra after. He later worked as allegra 24 hour dose producer for Nickelodeon from 1993 to 1994 prior to working on Blues Clues. Researcher Daniel R. Anderson of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Kessler handled the shows production, Santomero the research, and Johnson the animation and design. They were given a modest 150,000 to produce a pilot, Blues Clues premiered in the U.

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To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Medicines for Children has worked with nurses from the children's philanthropy WellChild and Sharpness Hill University to out 10 late instructional films to support parentscarers with giving medicines to their children.]